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Dads Day out
Naturelly Brilliant Day Out for Dads


Fathers Day plans…

With Fathers’ Day fast approaching thoughts may be turning to what you might get Daddy, Dad, Grandad, Pops. They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but we want to show Daddy we love him with something which is not going to hurt his heart in the process.

High fat, high sugar foods are well established in our culture as foods to treat people to but as they become more and more available, perhaps we should think of something else to treat with (and not just for health reasons but to show you have thought actually about the gift). It may take a bit of extra time and thought than just popping out for a box of chocolates or doughnuts but the kids will enjoy it more and I am sure Daddy will too – as long as he gets time to snooze later of course!

So, why not have a whole day focused on Daddy? Plan some activities which involve the whole family. Here are some suggestions:

A trip to the woods to build a den (watch Daddy try and get the biggest branches and haul them up the hill!)

Obstacle races in the park – you will need balls and maybe some bottles to knock down (old drinks bottles will do), an old sheet to crawl under, a few items of clothing to jump over and some string or rope for the finish line. Be creative and have fun.

Tree climbing – with care! We don’t want any trips to A & E on Fathers’ Day L

Paper aeroplane competition – there are plenty of templates on the internet if you need some inspiration. Make them out of coloured paper and decorate them too. See which one soars the furthest.

All this activity will make everyone hungry, so what shall we pack for lunch when we are trying to help Daddy’s heart? Perhaps some wholemeal rolls with chicken and salad (easy on the mayo and marg), salad sticks and homous, unsalted nuts, and, to round it off, an exotic fruit salad with plain yoghurt topped with a squirt of tropical Naturelly to liven up your dessert. And if you still want cake, just have a smaller portion of a lower fat and lower sugar version.

We want to help keep Daddies healthy across the country, let’s start with our own Daddy this Fathers’ Day and have a fun family day he will remember for much longer than a box of chocs.

Happy Fathers’ Day!


Written by Registered Nutritionist

Aliya Porter

Porter Nutrition


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