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Is Jelly Vegan? Yes, Naturelly Vegan Jelly

Today, the vegan diet continues to gain popularity among the growing amount of people. Some of them want to protect the environment and keep animals away from harm. Others just want to lose a couple of extra pounds that have been hanging on for way too long or enrich their body with all the health benefits this plant-based diet is bound to bring. As any nutrition plan, veganism comes in a package with a slew of rules and restrictions. And picking “safe bet” foods can be quite a head-scratcher. “Is jelly vegan?” – this article will shed the light on this question.

First of all it’s important to note that Naturelly a juicy jelly in a pot with added Prebiotic Fibre and Naturelly Juicy Jelly in a pouch with added vitamin C is completely vegan and approved by the Vegetarian Society.

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Is the Jelly I grew up with Vegan?

Most likely the jelly you grew up with as a child was made from Gelatine which is not Vegan.

Jelly is a popular and delicious dessert, which doesn’t look like something that should be excluded from the vegan diet. If you have decided to stick to this dietary plan, you should be extremely attentive – some products can be both vegan and non-vegan, depending on their ingredients. Jelly is not an exception. Before buying jelly at the store, it is better to pore over the label to make sure it won’t derail your vegan lifestyle. NATURELLY IS VEGAN.

Some Jelly are made with Gelatin a bi-product of animal bones and tissues and others like Naturelly are made from plant-based gums that create the jelly texture.

In their Jelly pots Naturelly uses Locust Bean Gum extracted from the seeds of the Carob Tree also known as Carob Gum, Xanthan Gum a good bacteria found in vegetables and Gellan Gum derived from Lilly Plants.

Also, because Naturelly is made from fruit juice it doesn’t contain any added sugars which may be made containing bone char which must also be avoided if you are following a vegan diet.

Who knew sugar contained Bone Char?


To sum everything up, the answer to the question “Is jelly vegan?” depends on the product you choose. When you embark on a new lifestyle, especially the one that requires you to overhaul your diet and structure it from scratch, it is critical to be attentive and know everything about the foods you put on your plate. Make sure to read the labels before buying foods to figure out whether they contain animal-based ingredients.

It would probably be best to look out for foods that show or state that they are vegan on the front of pack to be safe.

The fact that you are vegan shouldn’t stop you from eating delicious meals and desserts.

Naturelly is available from Waitrose, Sainsburys, Ocado and Amazon and you can also buy online from their shop here.

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