Naturelly Brilliant Juicy Jelly Pots

Jelly Plus Added Benefits

We have now created different Jelly Plus product ranges for both kids & grown-ups to enjoy, all with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners and each low in calories to support maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.

The Naturelly pouches are a Jelly Plus Vitamin C made with real fruit juice.

The Naturelly pots are a Jelly Plus Added Fibre made wit real fruit juice

Each range is approved for pre-school, primary school lunch-boxes, after school snacks or as tasty treats on days out, casual gaming, keeping fit or playing sports.

Naturelly is also been vegan approved. Yay!

Naturelly Jelly Pots with added fibre

Juicy Jelly Plus Fibre

Now Boosted with 3g of Inulin a special form of Prebiotic dietary fibre from the superfood chicory root, favoured by the ancient Egyptians.

Key Health Benefits


Fruit Juice, Water, Gelling Agents, Natural flavourings, Inulin and the natural sweetener stevia from the stevia plant.