Naturelly Juicy Jelly Pouches

Our Products

We have now created different product ranges for both kids & grown-ups to enjoy, all with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners and each low in calories to support maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Each range is approved for pre-school, primary school lunch-boxes, after school snacks or as tasty treats on days out, casual gaming, keeping fit or playing sports.

Naturelly is also been vegan approved. Yay!

Juicy Jelly Pouches

Naturelly pouches are a naturally fun and fruity juicy jelly snack or dessert made with scrumptious fruit juice blended with water and a special gelatine free wibbly jelly.

Naturelly pouches are playfully imagined by parents for all children aged 12 months plus and their parents.

Key Health Benefits

  • No added sugar or sweeteners
  • Free from gelatine, gluten, wheat, dairy & other allergens
  • Low in calories, only 36 kcal per pouch
  • No artificial colopurs, flavours or preservatives
  • Only 7g of naturally occuring fruit sugar


Fruit Juice, Water, Gelling Agent, Natural flavourings, & 100% RDI of the antioxidant Vitamin C.

Pre-School & Nursery

Naturelly Magic Jelly with Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom – Jelly Flood! View Range

Primary School & Beyond

Naturelly Juicy Jelly Brilliant for lunchboxes, after school and post sports.