Naturelly Arty Fireworks

Make Naturelly Arty Fireworks

How to Make Naturelly Arty Fireworks with the Kids

  1. Brush a small amount of glue inside a cardboard tube at both ends. Wrap a 30cm x 30 square of coloured tissue paper around the tube. Tuck the ends inside the tube over the glue.

2. Cut out a 12cm diameter circle from glitter card then cut it in half. Curl one of the card semi-circles into a cone shape then staple it along edge hold the shape.

3. Glue the cone onto one end of the tube to make a rocket shape. Glue one end of a wooden stirring stick inside the rocket. Leave to dry.

4. Stick strips of glitter tape around the rocket cone and tube with some crystal sticker stars as decoration.

5. Cut 2 x 30cm x 30cm squares of tissue, place the squares together with some small sweets in the middle. Pull the tissue paper over the sweets then twist it to make a parcel. Tie pieces of ribbon around the end of the parcel then push it inside the rocket.

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