Naturelly Banana Jelly

Naturelly Brilliant Banana & Chocolate Jelly Pots

Brilliant Easter Banana and Chocolate Jelly Pots

Serves 4


1 large, fresh banana

1 frozen banana (no skin)

1 pouch of tropical fruits Naturelly Jelly

1 15ml tablespoon raw cacao powder

100g coconut yoghurt

1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste


Brilliant Easter Banana & Chocolate Jelly Pot
Brilliant Easter Banana & Chocolate Jelly


First, peel and slice your fresh banana and put it to one side.

Break up the frozen banana with your hands and drop into a jug or blender jug. Squeeze in the pouch of Naturelly Jelly and blend it until smooth. You should have a glossy, wobbly chocolate mousse.

Next, get out the coconut yoghurt and stir in the vanilla bean paste.

Now, layer up the puds.

Get out 4 shot glasses, or similar sized glasses, and, using a teaspoon, spoon a little of the chocolate jelly mixture into the base of the glass. Push in a banana slice or two and then top with a spoonful of the coconut yoghurt. Push in another banana slice and then spoon in chocolate jelly and coconut yoghurt as before. Keep going, until you reach the top of the glasses, where you finish with a swirl of coconut yoghurt. Push in a banana slice and it’s ready to serve!


Vegetarian Banana & Chocolate Jelly Pot
Banana & Chocolate Jelly Pots




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