Naturelly Brilliant Trifle

How to make a Naturelly Brilliant Christmas Trifle

Grain Free, Vegan,  Strawberry, Jelly and Coconut Christmas Trifle

By Jo Romero

Food & health blogger from Comfort Bites.

Serves 2-3



5 big, juicy Medjool dates

1 tsp raw cacao powder

1 tsp coconut oil

1 heaped tsp desiccated coconut

pinch of sea salt

1 pack Naturelly Tropical Jelly

250ml coconut cream, room temperature

half teaspoon vanilla extract

3 large strawberries

6-7 pistachios, shelled and chopped

desciccated coconut, to serve


First, blitz together the dates, cacao powder, coconut oil, desiccated coconut and the pinch of sea salt until it forms a rough, chunky paste. Press this into the base of a 15cm (or approx) wide glass bowl or dessert glass.

Next, slice the strawberries and arrange the slices around the glass, on the inside, making sure they all stick up the same way. They should stick to the glass, as you push them gently into the date base.

Open the carton of coconut cream and squeeze out any excess water. Pour the coconut cream into a bowl and trickle in the vanilla extract. Whip with a fork, until fluffy. Take half of the coconut cream and gently spread it around the date base of the trifle, spooning it inbetween the strawberry slices, so it can be seen from the outside.

For the next layer, squeeze out the pouch of Tropical Naturelly Jelly, again making sure you get it between the strawberry slices at the edges, so that the layers can be seen on the outside of the glass. Top with the remaining coconut cream. This will be easier if you use small teaspoons of the coconut cream instead of one big spoonful as by spreading it around you’ll disturb the jelly layer underneath. Gently swirl the top of the coconut cream to make it snow-like and build up the topping.

To finish, sprinkle with the chopped pistachios and some more of the desiccated coconut, for a Christmassy look. You can store this trifle, covered, in the fridge overnight, but for the best flavour and texture, eat at room temperature.


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