Natural & Healthy Christmas Trifle Vegan

Naturelly Christmas Trifle by Hedi Hearts

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a trifle. Don’t you just wish there would be a recipe for healthy Christmas trifle with homemade custard and sugar- free jelly topped with pomegranates and crushed gingerbread men? Well today is your lucky day, because this is exactly what we are making together! by Hedi Hearts



1 cup oat milk (you can use any other milk)

1 tbsp potato or corn starch

2 tbsp maple syrup (you can use any other sweetener)

1 tsp vanilla extract

Pinch of turmeric (don’t overdo it otherwise the colour will be orange)


Healthy Trifle
Natural & Healthy Christmas Trifle with Jelly by Naturelly


For the layers:

250g white yogurt (I used soya with coconut yogurt)

2 Naturelly Jelly pots (I used the summer fruits flavour)

4 tbsp pomegranates

2 crushed gingerbread men

Toppings optional


Gingerbread men



First make the custard:

In a small pot mix potato starch with milk until there are absolutely no lumps

Bring slowly to a boil while stirring constantly

Once boiling reduce heat, add maple syrup and simmer on a low heat for a few minutes until thick and smooth. Keep on stirring to avoid lumps

Add vanilla extract, remove from heat and let cool down

Now get 2 nice glasses and cover the bottom with yogurt (save a bit for the top)

Then take one Naturelly Jelly pot and divide equally between both glasses

Throw in each glass 1 tbsp of pomegranates and half of the crushed gingerbread men

Spoon the custard over the fruit

Take the other Naturelly Jelly pot and divide again between both glasses

Top up with any leftover yogurt, decorate with pomegranates and gingerbread



Natural & Healthy Trifle
Jelly Good Trifle by Naturelly

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