Juicy Jelly with Fibre

Naturelly Juicy Jelly with PreBiotic Fibre

Introducing Naturelly all-new Juicy Jelly pots with a new superfood sidekick! Naturelly with PreBiotic Fibre highlights gut health with juicy jelly reformulation

Naturelly Juicy Jelly with PreBiotic Fibre now boasts 3g of inulin per pot

Naturelly Juicy Jelly pots have had a makeover – featuring a game-changing superfood sidekick!

Naturelly Juicy Jelly Pots with added fibre from Inulin
Naturelly Juicy Jelly Pots with 3g of added fibre from Inulin

With NHS figures revealing many of us aren’t getting enough fibre in our diets* each 120g pot of Naturelly’s multi-award-winning jelly now comes loaded with 3g of inulin – a prebiotic and a special form of dietary fibre from the superfood chicory root, favoured by the ancient Egyptians.

Inulin acts as a fertiliser for the good bacteria in the gut – supporting immunity, digestive health, bone density, weight management, brain health and more!**

Naturelly’s new and improved Juicy Jelly means each pot now boasts more fibre than a slice of whole wheat bread – helping big kids and little kids achieve their recommended daily intake of fibre.

Joanne Dempsey, Naturelly founder, said: “Fibre is the superfood that both British adults and children just aren’t getting enough of and nowhere near their 20g a day target. That’s why we developed our new Naturelly Juicy Jelly pots boosted with 3g of prebiotic fibre with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners and only 36 kcal per pot.”

She added: “This is a game-changer in the dessert category and is a brilliant way to enjoy something sweet by nature with nothing naughty added.”

Naturelly Juicy Jelly is available now at Waitrose nationwide (rrp 75p x 120g) just in time for half term and comes in three lip-smacking flavours:
Naturelly Juicy Jelly Summer Fruits
Naturelly Juicy Jelly Tropical Fruits
Naturelly Juicy Jelly Forest Fruits

Each 120g pot features:
• 3g inulin
• Less than 40 calories
• Real fruit juice with only 5% naturally occurring fruit sugar
• Vegetarian / Vegan approved & school compliant


** https://www.kcl.ac.uk/news/some-types-of-fibre-more-beneficial-for-gut-health-than-others

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