Our Naturelly Brilliant Products

We have now created three product ranges for kids and their grown ups! Juicy Fruit Gummies, Juicy Jelly Pouches and Juicy Jelly Pots all with no added sugar or sweeteners and include added benefits. They are all approved for pre-school, primary school and secondary school lunch-boxes, after school snacks or as tasty treats on days out or playing sport. Naturelly products have also been approved by the vegetarian society too and are free from all 14 allergens.

Naturelly High in Fibre Mixed Fruit Gummies

Real fruit juice, no added sugar or sweeteners.
Only 3.5g of naturaly occurring fruit sugar per 25g serving and 12g of fibre.

Naturelly Juicy Jelly Pouches

Naturelly Juicy jelly pouches brilliant for lunchboxes, after school and post sports
with 100% RI of Vitamin C.

Apple & Blackcurrant

Summer Fruits

Tropical Fruits

Naturelly Juicy Jelly Pots with added Fibre

Naturelly Juicy Jelly Pots with added fibre are brilliant for lunch-boxes and after dinner dessert especially for those that don't get enough fibre in their meals.

Naturelly Forest Fruits Jelly Pots
Naturelly Summer Fruits Pots x 12
Naturelly Tropical Fruits Jelly Pots

Naturelly Pouch Ingredients

Fruit Juice (not from concentrate), Water, Gelling Agent, Natural flavourings, & 100% RDI of the antioxidant Vitamin C.

What makes the jelly in the Pouch Range?

We use Gellan Gum a natural dietary fibre found in Lilly Plants. This is the same gelling agent that is used in the leading sports energy gel provider.

What makes the gummies and pots high in Fibre?


Our Naturelly Mixed Fruit Gummies contain 35g of Fibre per 40g pack thanks to a special ingredient found in the chicory root plant.