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Parents are fearful of kids getting sick when they go back to school

New research reveals 66% of parents are fearful of kids getting sick when they go back to school

Most parents will agree that schools and nurseries are breeding grounds for coughs, colds, and infections. When a youngster starts at school or nursery, they seem to suffer an endless cycle of minor ailments, that then seem to infect the whole family.

New research from Naturelly and VYPR bears this out with over 66% of parents approaching the new school year with great trepidation and fear that their children will get sick at their new school. Interestingly it’s not just the worry of children getting sick but many of the 1,000 parents surveyed get very stressed and worried about all the associated issues surrounding poorly children such as sleepless nights, missed days of work and the logistical nightmare of getting friends and family in to look after the child.

1 in 5 children will become sick within two weeks of the new terms so the fears are not unfounded.  It’s important to pack their diet full of immune boosting foods that they will love to eat, whether it’s in their lunchbox or after school.

Studies have proven that if children are getting their full RDA of vitamin C they will have a greater immunity against these illnesses that cause so much disruption both for the little people and for their parents. There are now loads of immune boosting snacks for kids that will keep them heathy and happy all year long and below are a list of fruits and snacks to ensure children are getting 100% of their vitamin C.

Low GI fruits that are low in fructose and rich in Vitamin C.







Berries are the lowest for natural fruit sugars yet have the highest antioxidants






Naturelly Jelly is also – a fun way to get them to have 100% of their vitamin C in just one pouch this is all they need to set them up for the day. This all-natural juicy jelly is a great to keep in the car for after school, lunchboxes or sporting activities.

Naturelly creator Joanne Dempsey comments: “As parents ourselves we are committed to providing healthy products for children fortified with immune boosting vitamins in a fun way and in formats that kids want to consume.”




Notes to the Editor

Naturelly is free from gluten, wheat, dairy, nuts and gelatine and is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliac disease sufferers. It has been approved by the vegetarian society, coeliac society and is school compliant.


Naturelly recently won Platinum for Best Children’s Dessert in the 2017 Loved by Parent Awards and Gold for Best Child Snack in the Loved by Children Awards 2017.





The research was conducted by VYPR Market Research (VYPR.IT) and Naturelly, they surveyed 1000 parents of young children throughout the UK


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