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Try Naturelly for tasty after school treats, lunch box extras, after dinner, post sport or days out desserts.

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Naturelly Juicy Jelly in a pot or pouch is a fruity snack or treat that’s sweet by nature with nothing naughty added! No added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

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Naturelly Family

We – the Naturelly Family believe kids are at their best when leading active, well-balanced lifestyles filled with lots of imaginative play.That’s why we created our fun & healthy juicy jelly in a pot or pouch. 

Naturelly Brilliant for Kids

We want to help parents give their Naturelly curious kids a fun and healthy childhood full of play, imagination and activities whilst encouraging them to grow up Naturelly brilliant. 

Naturelly Pots and Pouches

We invented Naturelly Juicy Jelly – a healthy snack, treat or desserts that’s fun for kids and helps stop cravings for sugary snacks. Naturelly brilliant in-between meals, after school, post sport or as a lunchbox extra.

Naturelly - Voted Best Children's Snack! Love by Parents and Kids

Frequently Asked Questions About Naturelly
Thank you for visiting our website. If your question is not listed below, please get in touch with the Naturelly Family. 

Unlike many other Jellies Naturelly Jelly contains real fruit juice with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. We blend fruit juices, fruit purees with water and special mix of natural gelling agents. Each pouch contains 100% of your recommended daily intake of immune boosting Vitamin C and each pot contains 3g of PreBiotic Fibre to help maintain a healthy gut.

Yes, both our juicy jelly pots and juicy jelly pouches are suitable for vegans and vegetarians due to fact they do not contain any gelatine.

Gellan Gum is a natural dietary fibre found in Lilly plants.

Naturelly contain Vitamins C in the pouches which helps to support your immune system.

See our blog post about the Naturelly Brilliant health benefits of Vitamin C here 

Naturelly Juicy Jelly pots contain 3g of PreBiotic Fibre from Inulin found in the Chicory Root.

See our blog post on the Naturelly Brilliant health benefits of Fibre here

Naturelly is Made in Britain and most of our fruit is sourced from British Farmers apart from Oranges and Pineapples in our Tropical Fruits pots

Yes, Naturelly Jelly is nut free

Yes, Naturelly is dairy free

Yes, Naturelly is designed for children by parents, our mission is to help reduce child obesity however that doen’t mean grown-ups can’t enjoy and love them too.

No, it is not organic.

Naturelly is made so you can either slurp it or spoon it we think it makes it more fun to consume that way. Also, Naturelly is made from real fruit juice and free from Gelatine meaning its suitable for vegans so the gums we use have a softer set.

We use PET plastic pots that are 100% recyclable. 

Our pouches can be recycled through specialist recycling centres like teracycle. 


Yes, it is. Naturelly is free from all the top 14 allergens including gluten, gelatine, dairy, wheat and nuts.

From Manufacture Naturelly has a 12 months shelf life and we recommend you store it in a dark cupboard or even better in the fridge as they taste even better chilled.

Once opened our jelly must be consumed within 24 hours and kept in the fridge

Our Naturelly juicy jelly is only 36 calories per pot and per pouch.

Naturelly juicy jelly pouches have a thickened fruit juice consistency that are suitable for those suffering with swallowing difficulties.

Naturelly is designed for children aged 3 years plus. Naturelly pouches contain 80mg of Vitamin C which isn’t an EU approved limit for babies.

Yes, you can buy Naturelly with PayPal.

Yes, we offer 25% percent off!  You need to email; a photo of your NHS ID and a discount code will be emailed back to you.

We deliver orders in 3-5 working days. Often sooner.

UK (including Channel Islands)

Royal Mail. The only exception is if your order is above 2kg, in which case it will be Parcel Force 48.